Walkways, Sitting and Smoking Areas, Retaining Walls

Even your landscape needs accessories.

Walkways, Sitting and Smoking Areas, Retaining Walls

Walkways are a wonderful addition to your commercial property.

We have a wide assortment of styles that are guaranteed to make your property pop. This will add curb appeal as well as employee enjoyment. Let us place new walkways in your property so you can see the positive difference it makes. Tenants will appreciate it, while new customers will be lead right to your front door!

Sitting areas are one of the most important aspects to your commercial property.

A good sitting area will accommodate its guests as well as enhance or convenience them. Smoking areas are a nice accessory to any sitting area. It can really add to your property as well as provide the proper shelter for those who like to enjoy a cigarette or cigar. It also helps provide the proper separation from those who don’t enjoy smoke, so everyone wins! At Sauers Tree and Landscape, we make sure each designed sitting and smoking area is comfortable and capable of entertaining bigger crowds. This will attract and hold more people certain to be impressed by the aesthetics of your property!

Retaining walls can add character and value to your commercial property.

A retaining wall creates a secure and safe environment for your guests, employees, or occupants to enjoy. If you’ve got an area that you need to block off, uneven ground to level out, or sudden dropoffs, allow our team to install a retaining wall that will make your property pop. They have long been a fundamental element in commercial construction, and there’s no wonder why. A structural retaining wall adds strength and appeal to any commercial design.

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