Applying the appropriate amount of deicer helps ensure safe conditions on your property at all times.


Deicing is one of the most efficient ways to clear ice from your business’s walkways and parking lots.

Salt lowers the freezing temperature of water, melting it away easily and reducing the risk of injuries from slips and falls. It’s a public nuisance and a liability for you and your property. Preventing accidents caused by ice is a public safety imperative that we take very seriously. You don’t want to worry about the safety of your employees and customers, so let us handle it. We’ll make sure your property is clear even in the nastiest of storms.

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    Snow and Ice Management

    Property Size: 12.5 acres Parking Lot Size: 2.8 acres Sidewalk Size: 4,450 square feet Machinery and Equipment: 1 F550 w/ 9’ plow and hydraulic tailgate spreader, 1 pickup...More
  • For property managers interested in our services, we are able to provide references of our satisfied customers upon request.