Commercial Cable and Bracing Support Systems

These supplemental supports are intended to reduce the risk of tree failure.

Cable and Bracing Systems to Support Your Trees

If one of your trees has been damaged by a natural disaster or just from decay, it may be stricken with structural deficiencies.

If this is so, it’s best to apply steel support cables and brace rods. These supplemental supports are intended to reduce the risk of tree failure from weak or damaged branches.

Weak branches are not always obvious.

Owners of commercial properties need to ensure the safety of their landscape and the public, so it’s best to get your trees inspected regularly for structural defects, these include:

  • Cracks
  • Split Crotches
  • Decay

Steel support cables and brace rods are a great alternative to having a tree removed. When possible, Sauers always looks to provide the alternative option to you, rather than remove a tree from your property. If you suspect a weak or decaying tree, call us today, and we’ll come give you a FREE inspection.

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